On the Rivet Chamois Cream

£9.99 for 200ml

On the Rivet Chamois Cream 200mlAfter months of research, preparation and planning, we are delighted to be able to now sell our good-quality Chamois Cream that is made in the UK and now available exclusively from Prendas Ciclismo.

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What is Chamois Cream used for?

Chamois cream is an anti-bacterial cream used by cyclists to provide a layer of lubrication, to reduce friction between your skin and the seat pad of your cycling shorts. Chamois cream is a preventive measure - meaning you need to apply the cream before the damage to your skin (saddle sores, chaffing, blisters, etc) is done!

Why is it called Chamois Cream? Back in the day, shorts contained a leather seat pad that was made using the hide of the Chamois deer! Thankfully seat pads in cycle clothing have moved on dramatically and we all now ride with synthetic hi-tech seat pads often using foam, elastic and soft materials (unless you are an L'Eroica fan of course).

Why On the Rivet I hear you ask? Years ago, saddles on road bikes had a leather cover fixed by rivets, and in an effort not to get dropped from your group / bunch, riders often find themselves sliding forward on the saddle to exert more pressure on the pedals. Given this action often results in increased pressure in a riders undercarriage I figured it was a decent name for chamois cream - so now you know!

Inside the On The Rivet Chamois Cream 200ml pot.


Why should I use Chamois Cream?

Whilst it is certainly true that cycle clothing and seat pad technology have come a long way - especially in recent years - cyclists will often benefit from the use of chamois cream to minimise friction between your skin and clothing - helping with the prevention of skin irritation and saddle sores.

You may even be a regular cyclist that has never felt the need to use chamois cream - I'd put myself firmly in this camp - the majority of my rides less are than 2 hours during the week. However, come the weekend most of us have more riding time available to us which inevitably leads to an increase in pressure between you and the saddle.

This is especially true if you are going on a training camp, then chamois cream is well worth adding to the bottom of your bikebox/bag - afterall it's a small cost compared to the cost of your holiday / bike! You never know - it may well even enable you to enjoy your week in the sun rather than endure it!


Supporting StoreyRT in 2017!

It's an exciting time for women's cycling and racing in the UK. With StoreyRT taking part in a variety of disciplines (road racing, time trials, track and cyclo cross) On the Rivet will be joining the likes of Boardman bikes, Schwalbe tyres, KASK helmets and Le Col clothing to provide the team with Chamois Cream throughout 2017!

On The Rivet Chamois Cream will be supporting the Storey Racing Team throughout 2017.


Where and how should I use and apply Chamois Cream?

You have your bib shorts and your pot of chamois cream - so what do you do with it?

There are two trains of thought on where to apply your cream - you can either apply chamois cream onto the seat pad of the shorts or directly on your skin - it's all down to your personal preference. I've tried both and for me applying it to the contact points on the seat pad is my preference as you tend to use less cream although that damp/cold feeling when you first put your bib shorts on is not that pleasant.

Where I actually apply chamois the cream is discipline specific. On the track - it's normally areas towards the front of the pad due to sitting towards the front of the saddle due to the high cadence involved. Whereas for road & mountain biking I tend to apply the cream at the back of the pad after where my sit bones would be due to sitting further back.

It's not always required of course - if I'm only out for a couple of hours - then I don't normally use chamois cream.

On The Rivet Chamois Cream show prior to application with a CyTech seat pad.


Why choose On the Rivet Chamois Cream?

Our anti-bacterial chamois cream comes in a generous 200ml recycled pot and is made using quality ingredients (free from nasty ingredients like Formaldehyde) in the UK from a local factory that has over 20 years experience in the industry. This local, agile and lean supply chain allows for me to communicate effectively with the factory plus it also provides you with the very best value for money!

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On The Rivet Chamois Cream in production.


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